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About Sami Davidson


I am my art. My art is me. It reveals my spontaneous, creative and joyful life. As a non-objective abstract artist I create from the inside out. I work intuitively. The process is one of impulsive (and sometimes compulsive experimentation).

I begin my paintings with random bursts of bright colors. Then I apply layers of opaque and transparent colors, gestural marks, handmade papers, drips, stamps and stencils. A final image gradually emerges. This image results in a record of the work I have created. I hope it will evoke an emotional response in the viewer. For me, creating a painting is always an exciting and unpredictable adventure.

As an art teacher I am proud to say I shared my love of painting and creating art with many children and adults. I fostered their appreciation for artistic expression by immersing them in the history of art and the use of all types of art materials. My love of creative expression, especially painting has been present throughout my life.


When my sons were young, I took a hiatus from teaching and co-wrote, designed and published a book about the child modeling industry in Florida called “Big Bucks, Little Kids”.

This year, 2020, my art was included in Art Folio Annual 2020.   A jury of professional artists, museum curators and gallery owners select the the best in abstract and contemporary work which is displayed in this publication.

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